Single Mother? Here’s the Lightning-Fast Home Cleaning Hacks For You.

A clean home means a happy abode. But, how about with kids? Well, house-cleaning is tedious, and it’s even tougher for busy single mothers. Mounds of dirty laundry, toys scattered around the house, famishing children and school homework and dinner yet to be done doesn’t sound a happy return to homely warmth after hectic office hours. Since a paid cleaning service doesn’t seem affordable for everyone, try these super fast house-cleaning tips.  

Convert house chores into fun activities

Kids love everything that has a fun element. So, you can convert your house chores into fun games to get their help in home cleaning.

Use dishwasher to clean toys

You can wash dishwasher-safe plastic toys on a low heat in the machine. So quick, doesn’t it?

Keep shower caddy in car to limit fluid mess

Prevent spills, crumbs, and stains in your car by using a plastic caddy or box to store kids’ foods.

Tote your cleaning tools

Keep your cleaners, rugs, brushes all in a tote tray, and vacuum as well as a mop in the doorway so that they are readily available whenever you need them.

Keep a lint roller ready to clean up mess

A humble lint roller is single mother’s best friend. You can pick up everything, from glitter to fruit pulp with it, saving your loads of time cleaning up.

Place baby wipes in every room

To mop up spills, crumbs and children’s face at a moment’s notice, keep a pack of baby wipes in every room to allow yourself an easy access at all times.

Clear out on every Christmas

Ask your kids to put all toys that don’t play with in a bucket for recycling or donating. Donate them to get a room for new stuff or make some cash by selling them online. Lastly, rompers and slippers with mop-like fabric can be life-changing for single mothers.