Month: September 2019

Essential House Cleaning Tools & Equipment for Homeowners

Whether you want to complete a home-keeping kit or getting started in your new space, there are essential house cleaning tools and equipment you need to have. These tools and equipment are the essentials reached for by every homeowner now and then when handling different house cleaning tasks. How often these tools and equipment are used makes them indispensable. Here are the top house cleaning tools and equipment for every homeowner.

Microfibre Cloths

Having microfibre cloths boosts the cleaning power of every homeowner. These cloths get surfaces clean when used with little water. What’s more, they don’t leave streaks or scratches behind. This makes them ideal for cleaning windows, glass tables and other parts of a house. A damp microfibre cloth is also a great tool for reducing household dust. Unlike disposable things like feather dusters, a damp microfibre cloth can hold onto soil. It can be used to wipe and rinse surfaces clean or get dust from different parts of a house. Microfibre cloths are great tools for cleaning appliances, counters, polishing tiles, and removing pet hair from clothing. It’s therefore important for a homeowner to have microfibre cloths for bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of a house.


There are different types of sponges for sale in the current market. A homeowner needs to have a nice, classic sponge in the house. A sponge with an abrasive side enables a homeowner to tackle grimy and dirty surfaces with ease. Some sponges don’t need soap while others last longer. As such, a homeowner should explore the available options before making their buying decision. Different sponges can be used to handle different house cleaning tasks including cleaning waterproof appliances, mirrors, and windows.

Scrub Brush

A scrub brush is an essential house cleaning tool that is used to wipe out dirt, stain, and mud. It has bristles that play a very important role in house cleaning. They are used to remove thick, tough and hard stains from fabric, flooring, and kitchenware. This is a multipurpose cleaning tool that every home should have.


Towels are used to wipe out dust, dirt, and liquid or soft stains. White towels are the best because they are easy to detect when dirty. It’s also easy to bleach and disinfect white towels without ruining them.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are great for storing homemade cleaners. With homemade house cleaning products, you don’t have to fill your house with harmful fumes. You can also use spray bottles to mist clothing before you iron it. Spray bottles can also be used to train pets to stay away from the furniture.

Hand Vacuum

There are times when even homes with hard flooring require a vacuum. A hand vacuum gets pet hair and crumbs off the upholstery. It also helps in freshening mattresses and keeping car interior looking amazing. You can also use a hand vacuum as a stick vacuum in your kitchen if you don’t want to deal with annoying lines between dustpan and broom. In addition to these house cleaning tools and equipment, a homeowner needs to have an extension dusting kit, a steam mop, and a brush for cleaning the ceiling fan.

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